Sound Balls- The Live Interaction Balls

All the children, at least once in their lives have played catch with friends or family, or simply they have played with a tennis ball on their own. When the word “play” is said out loud, a lot of the kids rush and bring their ball. Playing catch with a ball has been one of the most popular activities among kids and their friends and family. Due to the advancement of technology, playing with ball is being replaced by other activities such as playing video games and watching cartoons. This has led to a decrease in physical activity and tech-related activities are becoming common.
To bring back all the physical activity and fun, a new and fun twist has been brought to the same old ball so that the children and pets are ready to play with it. This fun twist comes in the form of sound balls. You may be wondering what a sound ball is, right? Well, a sound ball is an improved and modernized version of a traditional ball. When you throw it, it makes different noises which are exciting for the kids and pets. The noises and sounds are super attractive for the children and they play with the sound ball with excitement.

Our vision is to develop and revolutionize the average Toy ball. The sound ball is perfect for family bonding, whether you go to a nearby park or just in your yard, you can play catch with your child and your pet. They will equally enjoy the fun game and it will also be beneficial for them. You will also, for sure enjoy spending fun time with a healthy activity with your kids or pets.

sound ball

Playing catch is one of the most fun and popular activities that has been played for ages. However, in the current times, it has started to become old and boring. Sound Balls bring the excitement of playing catch again and it has health benefits for the children. The sound balls have the ability to stimulate the mind with the help of the hand and eye interaction. Every time you will toss the ball, whether it is your furry friend or your child, both of them will get super excited.

The coolest thing about sound balls is that they are not only healthy for the children but they also give an opportunity to the parents to get some exercise. If you have been busy with your routine and cannot make it to the gym then sound balls are a perfect opportunity to have some physical exercise in the yard and that too with your children where you all can have fun family time.

Once you start playing catch with a sound ball with your children, they will surely ask you to play with them every day. Sound balls are able to make fun sounds and noises, that too, of your own choice. You will definitely be seen giggling with your children. Whether you are taking your dog for a walk or whether you are going to play catch with your children in the park, you will have a cute experience and it will surely become a memory that you will cherish, later in your life.

Now coming to the customization of the sound balls. The sound balls are capable of making any sound of your choice, initially, they may produce only a few sounds but later on, you can choose any sound of your choice. Also, you can even make the sound balls colorful and even more attractive by adding logos and stickers.

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Kids these days are accustomed to sitting in front of a tv, an iPad or just playing video games all day, which makes it hard for the parents to take them out for some physical activity. Sound balls will help you take your kids out and have a fun time. Not only your kids, but your pets will also enjoy playing with this advanced ball.

If you are also tired of convincing your children to play outside, then get a few sound balls and they will be begging you to go out and play. It will be a super fun activity for the kids, your pets, and a great time for you to bond with children and also to get some exercise.

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