Tips to select safe toys for infants

Isn’t having a baby the most wonderful feeling of the world? But what if the toy that you bought for your little one to play with results in harming your baby in some way or the other? This is the reason that you must be extra cautious when choosing baby toys. When it comes to newborns, you have to think twice when searching and selecting infant toys. As your little baby is just developing, therefore, you cannot take any risks that might hurt him in any way. Here are some tips that will help you to select safe toddler and baby toys for your little buddy.

  • Select age-appropriate toys:

The first thing you need to consider is to always select the toys that complement the age of your toddler. If your child is about to go to school then choose preschool toys for his better development and learning. Moreover, if he is able to play in the bath time then baby bath toys will be perfect for the situation. You will find a wide variety of toys choices in the markets, you must always choose the ones through which your baby can enjoy his play. If your baby is too young for a toy then you must avoid purchasing it.

  • Good-quality toys:

You must opt for good-quality toys and the toys that are passed from older relatives or purchased from yard sales must be thoroughly checked. They can be worn out or frayed which is extremely dangerous for your kid. Moreover, all the parts of a toy should be checked, make sure that each part is securely attached even the little details of buttons, ribbons, eye beads, yarn or batteries as your kid can chew off these details, which you certainly don’t want.

  • Ignore the loud toys:

Babies are fascinated and attracted towards the toys that emit light, are animated or play music. Squeezies are a favourite baby bath toy of every kid because it makes a sound when pressed. However, you have to be careful when selecting loud toys, first, you must refrain from it because your baby might hold it too close to his ear which will impair his hearing. Furthermore, if you do consider the toys that have sounds then opt for only mild music toys for a better experience.

  • Think large and big:

Another extremely important thing that you need to consider about purchasing toys is to always select the toys that are bigger than the mouth of your toddler. Until the age of 3 this fact must be given much importance, however, if your child is older than 3 but still take things in his mouth then you should also consider this. It is crucial because if any part of the toy is swallowed then your child will be at risk of choking. To check the choking risk of any toy, try fitting it in the hole of toilet roll if it does so then it might be dangerous for your kid.

  • Lightweight toys:

You buy toys for your child to develop the grip and coordination skills, if the toys are very heavy then your kid may not be able to hold it for longer. Moreover, since the grip is not so strong therefore the toy may fall on your baby and can cause an injury. Therefore it is best to avoid heavy toys.

  • Avoid toys with chord:

If a toy has a cord longer than 12 inches then you never buy it. This is because the cord can wrap around the neck of your child which can cause strangulation. It is also recommended that you remove the hanging mobiles form the crib of your child once he starts to climb up on his hands and knees.

  • Washable:

Since many children explore toys by taking in the mouth to feel the texture. This is the reason that the soft toys you select have to be washable. These toys hoard germs in them, therefore, running them through the disinfectant and then washing them regularly is very important.

  • Toys with magnets:

Some toys are equipped with small magnets, this poses an incredibly great risk for the kids as they may lead to various hazards. If two magnets o one magnet and a metal object are swallowed by a kid then these two things will attract towards each other in the intestines. This can result in twisting and punching of the intestines which leads to blockages, holes, infections or any other issues if it is not diagnosed and treated well. According to CPSC, there have been 22 such incidents between 2009 and 2011 and 11 of them were treated with surgery. Therefore it is recommended that the toys that have magnets must be kept away from the kids.

  • Resistant to chewing:

As children are found of putting everything in their mouth, therefore, they chew toys or suck them, therefore, make sure that the toys do not break during your baby’s teething. It must not break or chip into smaller pieces which your child may swallow and get in danger.

  • Stay away from toxic toys:

Though you may find a toy safe, however, you must make sure that it is not made with harsh chemicals which can harm your child. Some plastic toys are made stronger and more durable by the help of phthalates or plasticizers. Other than that, lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic are found in everything from action figures to toys and jewellery. However, you must opt for the toys that are labelled as “non-toxic” for better protection. Also, avoid the toys that say flammable for maximum security of your child.

These guidelines should always be in your mind when you are doing toy shopping for your kid. Following these tips may help you to save yourself and your kid from a lot of trouble. Therefore, even the smallest details must never be ignored in order to get a better experience out of the toys.


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