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In the 1970’s medical experts stated that physical closeness and eye contact are necessary for babies with their parents till the baby is six months of age. A baby carrier makes this happen, but finding the best baby carrier in which their child stays happy is an uphill task for the parents. If your baby does not like the one you chose, the money gets wasted.

There can be several requirements you need to concern when selecting a baby carrier. Such as, if you have twins, you need to buy twin carrier.

Here are some baby carrier reviews for users’ convenience and time saving.

Top 4 Baby Carriers Comparison

As every product has loads of impressive features the customer gets confused. In the following lines, we review four good baby carriers used and liked by parents and babies at the same time which made them a success.

1. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One


Babybjorn is a Swedish company which manufactures various types of baby products and all of a good quality. Their products are reliable and can be used by both parents. Featuring an ergonomic design, it can be adjusted with the help of waist belt and shoulder straps which are soft padded to make it comfy. Three front settings and back setting for the baby makes it multifunctional. As the child gains weight, the positions change accordingly, what not changes is the sense of closeness and attachment, the feeling of warmth and protection for the baby from the parent. This feeling makes a baby carrier valuable. The fabric material which constitutes this carrier is a blend of cotton and polyester which does not irritate delicate skin of the baby. The wearer also does not face any pain or trouble using this carrier. Parents also remain satisfied having their baby close and safe. This carrier is approved by both European and American safety standards of textiles. Moreover, this baby carrier is medically approved by different paediatricians and child psychologists. This gives the surety that your baby will remain safe in any kind of BABYBJORN product. Both baby and parent remain happy and satisfied in BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One.

2. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Active


Baby Carrier Active is another model of  best baby carrier by BABYBJORN. As its name suggests, it is designed for active babies and parents. Due to its two piece design, the parent can place and position the child inside without any help; then the front side can be detached if you want to lay down the baby. If the mother wants to nurse the child while keeping the infant inside the carrier, one side can be easily unhooked. The latches can be operated with one hand easily and locks safe. Another notable feature is that it has a lumbar support to keep the wearers pain free. The fabric material is mesh which does not let the child or parent get sweaty and tired. As a result, the baby stays cool and calm and enjoys the ride. This carrier’s material is Oeko-Tex standard 100 Class 1 Certified; means that it is safe for the baby’s skin and if the baby tastes or chews it the material will not do any harm. Many medical experts also approve of its material. It can handle babies with weight limit from 8 pounds 21 inches to 26 pounds. Adjustment can be easily done with the sliding buckle. A useful and worth having product for active parents. The other two baby carrier reviews are following.

3. ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, Black/Camel


ERGObaby is an American company which manufactures all kinds of baby products and making parents and babies happy and satisfied. They ensure comfort and mobility to both baby and parent and hence make life easier. It measures 15.8 x 13.4 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds, so it does not weigh so much itself but has got capability to carry heavy babies. The fabric material is cotton canvas which is suitable for soft baby skin and does not hurt the baby in any way. This carrier is durable and if used properly, can serve for years. It has got a sleeping hood to protect the babies from sunlight. A pocket is also available for putting things like diaper, wallet etc. It can be machine washed and air dried for easy management. Three types of carry positions can be adjusted for the baby, front back and hip position. Baby’s weight gets divided on wearer’s shoulders and hip for even weight distribution so the wearer does not feel tired or uncomfortable. In short, the baby can remain happy and the parent can do all kinds of daily routine errands. It proves to be a useful product for parents and safe, comfortable product for the baby.

4. ERGObaby Performance Collection Baby Carrier


ERGObaby also has a wide range of  best baby carriers for satisfying parents’ needs and babies’ desires. This model, Performance Collection Baby Carrier impresses the buyers by its performance. It turns out to be n extremely useful product for mothers desirous to work in spite of having small babies. Moreover, it also comes handy when parents need to go on long routes or need to spend a long time outside house for some reasons. The fabric material has mesh lining which keeps the baby cool and calm and the wearer fresh due to lack of sweat discharge. The outer side of this carrier is synthetic so it can be easily washed in machine when gets dirty; and dries easily for reuse. The padded waist belt helps in distributing the baby’s weight on wearer’s hips and shoulders which does not tire out the user for a long time; the padded shoulder straps protect wearer from pain in body. Three types of carry positions can be used, front, back, or hip position. For younger than five months old baby, the infant insert should be used so that the baby sits right and can see what is going around. A sleeping hood and pocket are also available. Hence, it is a nice package for all the parents having young babies.


Above are reviewed four models of baby carriers which are used, liked, appreciated and recommended by many parents. Go through the baby carrier reviews and choose the one that you think will suit you and your baby. Then your luck and your child will decide that you made the right decision or not! Good Luck for your baby carrier.

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