Trekking with kids in Tenerife

Do you like active family holidays? Tenerife is one of these places where you can spend your time not only on the beach but can also discover the island by trekking with your kids. For several years in Tenerife, the facilities of tourist routes have been extended, marked by the degree of difficulty, length and zone. The island offers many beautiful trekking routes. Great landscapes await you at every corner. There are really many trails and there is no way to pass them all during a one week visit.

To make things easier we recommend to use the trekking poles which are also suitable for your kids.

In case of hiking in the mountains or other difficult areas, you should not do it without the right poles. The use of  trekking poles relieves the joints and leg muscles by transferring parts of the load to the upper body parts. Additionally, when moving around demanding terrain, the sticks increase our safety, giving the body additional support points. Hiking poles are incredibly useful especially for those who love hiking with a heavy backpack.


hiking poles

To properly use trekking poles, you have to choose them properly. The one we recommend here , Treqen trekking poles, have the following features:

  • ✈️ DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: They are made from high grade aluminum 7075. Each pole weighs 9.5 Oz and they come in a set of 2, good for beginners and experienced hikers. They’re easy to bring along with on backpacking trips and check-in luggage.
  • ??‍♀️ FLEXIBLE: The poles expand from 25.5 inches (64.5cm) to 53 inches (135.5cm), suitable for kids and adults of varying heights, young and old. Height markings make for easy adjustments while you’re out and about. Accessories for all season use (springtime hikes to wintertime light snowshoeing adventures).
  • ? SOLID: The tungsten carbide tips under rubber tips hold sturdy for more uneven terrain and longer hikes.
  • ?? ERGONOMIC: The handles provide a comfortable grip while your exercise. No more sweaty hands slipping on poles. They also come with wide & padded adjustable wrist straps.
  • ?? RESILIENT: The strong external locks ensure that poles hold steady while extended.

Nordik walking

nordik poles


Why use these poles?

Many people still wonder if the trekking sticks are really useful or if it’s just a fad? Taking poles for trips to the mountains is not some fad to look highly fashionable while hiking! So if you are planning your trip to Tenerife don’t forget to pack your trekking poles as they will definitely help you in discovering this beautiful island.

See you on the trail ;)

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