What do you mommys do to lose weight after having a baby?

Question by : What do you mommys do to lose weight after having a baby?
I need help Its harder for me to lose weight since after pregnancy

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Answer by Anders
It takes a lot of time. I just eat healthier and exercise for 30 minutes everyday. So far I have lost all baby weight plus some and I gave birth to my daughter 8 months ago.

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  1. breast feed it works wonders

  2. You can work out all you want but it seems the flabby skin is still there? I lost all my baby weight plus 15 pounds and I still looked plump! My husband had a personal trainer for 1 year then we had to move, so we joined the gym and my husband has been working with me. Im toning now and Im starting to look better!
    Watch what you eat dear:)

  3. Breatfeeding burns major calories, which helps. Other than that pushing a weighted down stroller through the neighborhood is pretty good exercise too!

  4. Shooting Star June 9, 2013 at 5:59 am

    i lost most of my weight the first week, i retain alot of water when im pregnant. i had my baby 7 weeks ago. i gained 40 lbs and still have 15 more lbs to lose. im gonna have to work out at the gym. im giving myself 6 months if i work out and a year if i dont. go running and lift weight. give yourself at least a year to get back in shape. it look 9 months for you to gain all the weight, so it’ll take time to lose it.

  5. work out, go to the gym if you can. eat sensibly.

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