What type of gift should I give to my ring bearer and his mom?

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What type of gift should I give to my ring bearer and his mom?

My ring bearer is the 4 year old son of my fiance’s older sister. Her husband is one of the groomsmen. I get along fabulously with her and think she’s great so I want to give them all three gifts to show our appreciation for being in the wedding party. My fiance is planning on getting the groomsmen some sort of engraved flasks or shot glasses or something but we’re running short on time (21 days until the rehearsal dinner).. Pretty much all other wedding details are finalized except for gifts for the mothers, fathers, groomsmen, ring bearer and ring bearer’s momma my future SIL.

I wanted to get my dad a big bottle of his favorite liquor (wild turkey) but I’m not sure I would be able to get the same thing for my fiance’s father b/c my future mother in law already thinks he drinks too much, even though I know my future father in law would like that sort of gift.. :-\ I already have the bridesmaids gifts (pearl jewelry sets) and wanted to keep the gifts the same or similar for both sets of parents so no one feels favored more than the other… for example I was thinking of getting the moms a bracelet as well as a picture frame with engagement photo in them… and of course personalized thank you cards to everyone..

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I would get your SIL a gift similar to the bridesmaids gifts with a little note telling her how much she means to you. For your ring bearer, get him a toy. Maybe something he can play with at the reception. You FIL’s gift is tricky. It might be best to let your fiance pick something out for him. You don’t want to get him booze if it will anger your futer MIL! The gifts for the moms sounds perfect!! Congrats!

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