Baby Photography Tips For Parents

As of 2019, there are around 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide so it’s easy to assume that many parents use their smartphone as a camera, it’s convenient and easy to use.

When you have a newborn baby, the one thing you want to do is soak them up before they grow up; it happens much too fast. You want to breathe in every moment, and although it’s good to enjoy moments without the camera, taking loads of photos is always a great way to capture the moments. But do you know the best techniques to use, particularly when you have to snap your baby quickly before they move out of the extra cute pose?

So that you can get the best photos of your newborn, even when in a hurry, we’ve put together some handy baby photography tips for parents to take on board. These baby photography tips for beginners are going to help you to turn that slightly blurry snapshot into a beautifully laid out, sharp image. With these newborn photography tips, you’re going to be able to get the perfect shot from the moment the baby is born to their first newborn outfit and trip home.

Let’s take a look at some exciting newborn photography tips for beginners that will help you to learn how to your smartphone to your advantage!

Tip 1: Leave The Flash

There is no such thing as a nice smartphone photograph that involves the flash. You want your newborn baby to look human, not like a little alien, so let’s avoid the red-eye that comes with the photography flash. If you are looking for outdoor baby photography tips, keep your phone in day mode and the lens will adjust to the exterior light.

Excellent photography is all about good lighting, so when you’re up at the crack of dawn with your little one, you may as well take advantage of the light in the sunrise and take some truly beautiful snapshots. Think about the light direction, too, so that you don’t end up with an awful glare across the image.

Tip 2: Never Zoom In

Smartphones have a handy feature where you can edit and crop your photos after you get them. This way, you don’t have to zoom in to focus on the baby; you just need to crop the image down. Zooming gives the phone a chance to start adding pixels, and these pixels are a guess of which colors should be there to fill the gaps. It’s what makes your images fuzzy.

Instead, take the photo and then crop it down. Cropping the sides and the background will result in the “zoomed in” image you want without all the additional pixels.

Tip 3: Clean Your Phone

It’s not always easy to remember to do this when you’re busy cleaning up after a newborn and all their delightful fluid additions to your life. But, if you want to get the perfect photograph, you need a clear lens. Use a lens cloth or some lens cleaning wipes to give your phone a gentle clean. You’ll be able to get the best, sharpest images with a clean smartphone camera lens.

Tip 4: Snap The Candid’s

Newborn photography tips always tell you how to help you to pose your baby, but why not capture the everyday moments? Even the moments the baby is starting to scream can be beautiful, so try to catch the everyday moments with the family. Poses are nice, and photoshoots can be beautiful, but in those everyday moments, you capture the spirit of the subject – in this case, your new baby.

Tip 5: Shutter Speed

The more photos you have of your baby, the better. If you make a point of holding down the button on an iPhone, you can use the “Infinite Burst” setting. With this, you can take a photo stack where your phone will take a ton of pictures, with the best of the bunch put at the top of the pile.

Newborn photography tips aren’t always easy to follow if you’re unfamiliar with how to use a camera, but your smartphone camera is easy enough to learn how to use. Get prepared for your new arrival; there are thousands of photographs for you to take ahead!

Martina Vitulli, a mother and Founder of The Essential Baby Box, an Australian baby gift box company delivering joy to new and expectant parents worldwide. Martina loves curating newborn gift boxes full of beautiful essential baby items and delivering them to deserving parents.

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