Trending Baby Name Predictions for 2018

We are now ready to welcome a new year ahead. Everyone loves to step into the New Year with lots of hopes to start a bright phase of life. It is going to be more special for the couples that are expecting a baby in this year.

Now, as a new super cool personality is about to enter into your life, you must be ready with the most lovely name for her or him. Not yet? That’s strange. Probably you are confused by so many names. It happens with most of the parents. We understand that it is little difficult to choose the best name for the baby who has not yet arrived at the world, but making efforts to find a nice name for him/her is also a wonderful thing to do.

Hope, the year 2018 will bring lots of surprises in your life but this time we are going to talk about the topic of interest. Yeah! It is the name of your child. It is time to get serious about the naming trends that are going viral for the coming year. There is increased flexibility for names of baby boys and girls as well. The great news is that the adventurous names that are falling into trend these days have a better connection with the tradition and have a fresh feel of the modern world as well.

Popular baby girl names for the year 2018

Women these days are holding a different identity. They are more powerful and confident as well. Indeed, they have abilities to lead a successful life even without male support. That is why it is time to search for a potential name to add a positive feel to your baby child. You might be aware of the fact that names have a great impact on personality when a person is called a powerful name; it has a great impact on his lifestyle. Studies reveal that the list of strong baby girl names for 2018 include many appealing names as like Ruth, Margaret, Eleanor, Emma, Victoria, Aurora, etc. whereas few more with a sweeter touch in personality are Zoe, Hazel, Nora, Stella, and Amelia etc.

The collection does not end with these names, there are few more depicting intelligence and wisdom. If you are searching for names in this category then you can go for names like Pallas, Sophia whereas the names that lead strength include Bridget and Matilda. You can also look for names of famous heroines like Arya, Luna, and Freya etc.

Trendy first names for boys for 2018

Most of the couples these days are looking for baby boy names that show fashion shifts. The fact is that from past several years, boy names are found to be too conservative. They try to move upward slowly and then again come down to make a touch with tradition. Moreover, baby boy names are often inspired by inheritance and family histories. But, it is high time to make a shift now. As girl names are receiving many style considerations, so the same trend can also be applied to baby boy names. There are so many fashionable choices as like Wyatt, Jasper, Atticus etc. Many couples are also curious to add a unique touch to old names as like Michael is being converted to Milo and Jackson is preferred more over John these days.

One amazing thing to know about name trends of the year 2018 is that most of the people are looking forward to choosing a name that begins with S letter. This growing taste towards S grabs attention towards more shiny names like Saskia, Stellan, Soren, Sayer, Sasha, Sage, Sunday, and Snow etc. However, another popular trend is the name ending with letter S and this list also includes many creative names as like Ozias, Lazarus, Cassius, Augustus, Amias, Aurelius, Justus, and Linus.

Superhero character name influence

Superheroes are also dominating the naming culture all over the world. Many parents are trying to choose their baby names from popular superhero characters.

If we talk about the superhero name inspirations for girls, the list includes names such as:

  • Rey
  • Remy
  • Pepper
  • May
  • Jubilee
  • Ivy
  • Harley
  • Grey
  • Darcy
  • Aurora

Most of these names are taken from the popular X-Men series.

On the other side, if we talk about baby boy superhero name influences, the list includes names such as:

  • Walker
  • Wade
  • Thor
  • Rocket
  • Rhodes
  • Odin
  • Logan
  • Falcon
  • Everett
  • Captain
  • Cain
  • Bishop

If you want to give your child an identity of a superhero, you can easily pick a name from this list.

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