Create Memories With Tooth Fairy Products

Very often parents have this thought that their children are growing up too fast. When they start losing the teeth we realize how time goes by and we wish to capture every moment as we know it will never come back.  You can preserve these precious memories of your little one with a magic Toothbox and Fairy Door.

Losing the first tooth is a momentous occasion in a children’s life. The moment that they become aware of their tooth getting wobbly, they poke them all the time so they fall out quicker. When it did, they proudly show that toothless gap to friends and family. Then kids put their tooth under the pillow and expectantly wait for the tooth fairy to exchange it for a coin. After that, they usually don’t think about the tooth anymore and waiting for another one to fall out. They have their money, the tooth is out and this repeats until they have lost all of their 20 baby teeth. However, as parents, we don’t want to get rid of those precious little teeth. So what is the best way to keep them for a memory?

toothbox friend
Toothbox Friend allows you to keep your child’s milk teeth when it drops in the right place. It includes a chart where you can write the tooth loss date and the picture of the kid. Your child can follow the change of teeth in an entertaining way, keeping everything in a funny box. Each Toothbox Friend has 20 holes for fitting the teeth positioned in the shape of the dental arch. It is easy to identify which teeth are yet to fall out.

fairy door
The magical fairy doors open a child’s imagination, you can place them in the home wherever you want to help Tooth Fairy find her way to come into your house. Magic is around… you just have to believe.

Tooth Fairy Products are also great sentimental baby gifts. They are unique and make the best way to keep the whole collection of baby teeth. This magical gift can be for every new parent and child.

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