Fun Ways To Keep Children Happy And Entertained

Children need entertainment and love doing things. Here are some fun ways to keep them entertained and happy this summer.

1. Make Your Own Stamps

You don’t need rubber stamps from the store to have fun with ink. Instead, you can make your own stamps out of things you already have laying around the house. For instance, you can cut a potato in half, carve a pattern into it, and use it as a stamp. You can also dip rocks, sticks, old caps from bottles, and other small items from around your home into ink and press them on paper to see what kind of shapes they make.

2. Make Leaf-Inspired Art

Go out to your yard and pick up leaves with interesting shapes. Tape them onto a piece of paper using double-sided tape. Then, have your kids paint over the entire surface of the paper and the leaves. When the paint is dry, gently pull away the leaves. The area of the paper underneath them will have been protected from the paint, leaving a reverse image of each leaf on the paper.

3. Play In The Garden

Flowers can be a lot of fun for kids to play with. For instance, you can make a daisy chain necklace or a crown made out of dandelions. This gives kids a chance to get some fresh air while at the same time learning to appreciate nature.

4. Summer Camp

Kids need interaction and on a lot of levels there is only so much you can offer them at home over a prolonged summer period. A summer camp can be a great way for children to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

5. Raid Your Recycle Bin

If you are like most people, you probably have a lot of cardboard in your recycle bin. Instead of simply throwing this cardboard away, you can use it to create a ton of different crafts with your kids. You can allow them to draw on the cardboard. Alternatively, you can use it to build small houses or other tiny structures that they can decorate.

6. Make A Colorful Collage

Old paper can also be put to use by having children tear the paper into pieces so that they can make a collage. All they have to do is glue the torn pieces of paper onto a plain, full-sized sheet of paper using kid-friendly glue.

7. Try Baking Together

Have some fun in the kitchen with your kids by teaching them how to bake. There are a lot of easy things that they can make. For instance, they can create their own miniature pizzas made with homemade dough for the base. Alternatively, they can bake cupcakes or cookies for a sweet treat.

8. Have A TV Party

Turn TV time into something special by creating a theater-like experience. Make popcorn and turn down the lights. You can even allow your kids to invite their friends over to make the evening more special. There are plenty of great shows for kids that you can stream, meaning that you should have an endless supply of options for them to watch. Best of all, you can take a break and relax while they are busy watching their shows.

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