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Losing the first tooth is a momentous occasion in a child’s life. The moment that they become aware of their tooth becoming wobbly, they poke and prod it, urging it to loosen further and fall out. When it does they proudly show that toothless gap to friends and family and know that they are starting to grow up.

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•  A durable tri-fold book that allows you to stow away your child’s baby teeth
•  Compact and neat design. Extra thick cardboard finished with matte coated paper
•  Organize all 20 baby teeth in one place.

This Baby Tooth Keepsake Book Tooth Fairy Girl offers:

•  1 x 3R photo slot for your kid’s toothless photo
•  1 x teeth storage & display case for all 20 baby teeth
•  1 x tooth record chart for recording eruption dates and shedding dates
•  1 x baby teeth erupt and shed reference chart
•  1 x teeth caring tips page


my baby tooth keepsake book


When your child puts their tooth under the pillow, and expectantly waits for the tooth fairy to exchange their tooth for a coin, they think no more about it. They have their money, the tooth is out and this repeats until they have lost all of their 20 baby teeth. However, as a parent, what are we supposed to do with these teeth? Do we get rid of them or we can choose Gifthing Baby Tooth Keepsake Book Tooth Fairy Girl to keep the whole collection of baby teeth.

Baby Tooth Book Baby Tooth Keepsake Book Tooth Fairy Girl are great sentimental baby gifts. They offer an unique and personal keepsake. It is a magical gift, that a new baby or young child should not be without.


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