Slime – a toy that develops senses, dexterity, imagination and creativity

Some adults may be surprised, but slime is a hit toy that made a real sensation among the kids. Slime is a plastic mass that stimulates the development of the touch sense. During kneading, the child exercises his proprioceptive system, which is responsible for choosing the right strength of movement, proper muscle tone as well as fluidity and coordination. Simply put – children with a poorly developed proprioceptive system are considered clumsy, they do not like playing games and requiring dexterity. Mentioning the advantages of slime, it should be emphasized that by sticking, rolling or even carving out various shapes from it – children train hand-eye coordination. While playing with slime, children also learn to focus and concentrate. Stimulated imagination triggers creativity – children surprise with ingenuity in the possibilities of using slims.

How to make slime? Do I need a Slime Kit?

Slime is nothing more than combination of the right proportions of transparent school glue, washing agent and food coloring, paint or glitter. That’s enough for the basic version of slime and your first serious experiment! You can find hundreds of recipes on the internet on how to make slime, even edible – e.g. from jellies, potato starch and oil. There is also a planty of choices of a proven DIY Slime Kits which makes an amazing birthday gift , present for Christmas or Easter, great set for kids parties and many more. Slime kit is a set of ingredients ready to conjure up the perfect slime for children. Each set is different and contains a variety of decorations that allow slime to take really different forms.

Slime Kit for Girls and for Boys can be simply ordered on

slime kit

Craft Slime Kit has lots of different items to mix into the slime, making it easy to be so creative. It’s a cute set easy enough for small hands to do this on their own without any tool but still feel creative. You need to know that the type of ingredients used depends on the type of slime. It can be fluffy, glossy, with sparkles or foam balls.

The fluffy slime kit for kids is conveniently filled with everything your artistic child needs to create. You get – 12 multi colour scented smell slimes, 5 glitters, 1 foam ball, 1 mixed color foam ball, fruit slicers, 2 spatulas and more. Made from natural resin, water and eco-friendly material.  Fluffy slime is soft and completely different from jiggly slimes, which looks and acts like jelly.

fluffy slime

The richness of slimes forms and colors is a guarantee that children won’t be bored for a long time. Due to the positive impact of this game on the child’s development – you don’t have to be afraid of overdosing.  It’s a complete fun and entertainment for kids of all ages.

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