Why do people say stay at home moms do not work?

Question by ஐ♥Julian’sMommy♥ஐ: Why do people say stay at home moms do not work?
I believe i do.

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Because they probably have never been a stay at home mom! Bless You and your baby/babies!

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  1. Because they don’t realize how much work it is to look after kids AND the house. I personally think my stay-at-home mum has the toughest job.

  2. Its not the literal sense of work that they mean. Women who choose to stay home work very hard, but they don’t in the traditional sense of the word, as in they don’t get paid to do thse things. One could argue that it makes it even more amazing. Stay at home moms work hard, they just don’t make money. Obviously they have an important position in society also, or stay at home dads for that matter.

  3. ok, who said they dont unless they mean work for a paycheck.

  4. aschenputtelinva January 30, 2014 at 1:47 am

    They are ignorant and see work as a way of earning money. Stay at home moms earn no money therefore do not work. Stay at home mom is the hardest job out there if you ask me. Your job performance is shaping the future. You can’t leave if you don’t like the working conditions. Your boss expects you to wipe his rear end. It requires multiple clothing changes through out the day…none of which can say dry clean only on the label. Some countries see stay at home moms as beneficial and are paying them via government funds…I guess then it becomes a job.

  5. because they are idiots and have no idea how hard it is to cook clean wash and raise kids all at once.

    From a working mum to stay at home mums,
    i take my hats off to all of you. I go to work to have a break!

  6. I don’t know how people can still think that. Im certain that raising your child/children is probably the most important job that there is!
    Its a full time 24 hour 7 day a week job that is often tiring and thankless.
    Anyone who says otherwise maybe needs to try it for a week and then see what they say!

  7. Yes – I believe you do too and jolly hard I would say!
    I only went *out* to work once my boys were all in school but my real job was still at home once they came out of school!

  8. They could call a babysitter a job and day care a job and they do less than a stay at home mom does!!!

  9. Depends on who says it—It’s guilt of a working mom or just a typical stupid remark from a guy.

    I stay at home with my kids, I know the sacrifices I’ve made to do so and compared to my job prior to work, this is far harder and unpaid.

  10. Just from the work that isn’t done in my house. I know stay at home moms do a tremendous amount of work. You go Girl I wish I could stay home, I’m a little jealous of stay at home moms to be perfectly honest.

  11. Frankly Speaking January 30, 2014 at 5:20 am

    It’s a load of garbage. These self absorbed career women and feminists who want to manipulate every woman to be like them, to justify their own behavior, just want to demean one of the most important jobs of them all. There is no job so important as raising children (especially in this day and age) that wretch Hillary actually had the audacity to make a negative comment about stay at home moms when her husband was running for office the first time(“sorry I didn’t stay home and bake cookies”).

    Meanwhile stay at home moms are what could actually return this country to its former splendor. Instilling respect and manners and giving the proper attention and care an love to kids is what could effect a whole society to change for the better.

    People in this society often demean the most important things just to glorify their own selfish greed laden pursuits. That’s why when Mother Theresa died in the same week as Princess Di did we saw who got all the accolades and fan-fair.

    It isn’t fair, but don’t worry, there are people who you may never meet who appreciate what you are doing, for everyone.

  12. Because they dont have experience of staying at home.

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