6 Custom Messages to Plan for Your Friends Baby Shower


A baby shower is an important event in a would-be mother’s life. It helps the mother-to-be feel completely relaxed and prepares her mind for welcoming new life. Today, a baby shower has become a customary ritual that is celebrated by inviting friends and family.

When a friend invites you for a baby shower, you would want to go prepared with a gift and baby shower signs with a custom message. Here are six custom messages that can prove perfect planning for your friend’s baby shower.

1. Wish You Many Happy and Wonder-Filled Times Ahead…Congratulations!

The baby shower is a happy moment for parents-to-be, and you should extend your best wishes and happiness to the couple for a wonder-filled time ahead. You can customize this baby shower message by mentioning the mother’s name or the names of the parents-to-be. You can select an attractive design and color for the baby shower sign to make it stand out in all decorations.

2. Here’s to Smiles, Laughter, Patience, and Joy!

Parenthood is a combined experience of smiles, laughter, and joy. However, the mother-to-be should be patient in the final days before the baby’s birth. The baby shower signs can be customized with big letters of the parents-to-be names and cartoons to remind them of their bundle of joy on the way. You can add glitter to the baby shower sign so that it shines in the light and creates a sparkling effect.

3. Hip, Hip, Hurrah! You Both Are Going to Make Such Amazing Parents

Parenthood can be stressful for many couples, especially if you are becoming a parent for the first time. Many couples wonder whether they can manage their responsibility as a parent. Some also doubt whether they can be good parents to their newborns. A baby shower sign with a customized message can help instill confidence and prepare them for the challenges that may lie ahead.

4. Congratulations on Making a Miracle!

A new life is a miracle, and you can customize the baby shower sign with a congratulatory message to the parents-to-be. You can customize the baby shower sign with tiny stars and a baby cart to give them a glimpse of the future ahead. There are several design templates available online that make the customization task easy for you. You can select the font’s type, size, colors, and background to make it look attractive.

5. Wishing You Both Well in These Upcoming Months. We Can’t-Wait to Meet the Little One!

The parents-to-be are anxious and somewhat restless to see their baby. Such an excitement might not be suitable for the mother-to-be, and you need to extend your best wishes for their health and wellness for the coming months. The baby shower sign can be a reminder for them to focus on their health and well-being. You can customize the design with a picture of a stork-carrying baby common in European, Chinese, Israeli, and Western countries’ cultures. The yard sign can have pictures of items related to the baby like a rocking horse, cartoon giraffe, and many more images.

6. To the Soon to Be Parents! Wishing You a Hassle-Free Pregnancy

Stress leads to high blood pressure that is not good for childbirth. You can customize the baby shower yard sign with wishes for a hassle-free pregnancy that will make the mother-to-be feel good.

To sum up, baby shower yard signs with customized messages can light up the atmosphere with joy for the parents-to-be and make the event special and wonderful for everyone.

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