Reasons Why Diaper Cakes Make a Great Baby Shower Gift

Those who have attended their fair share of baby showers know full well the challenges of picking the perfect gift for the parents-to-be. There may be a wide range of options out there, thanks to how the Internet has made practically everything available with a click of a button. However, many of these are impractical and frivolous, often thrown away by the couple or left languishing inside a closet, completely unused.

Guests are always advised to go for gifts that the parents will actually use – things that will make life with their new baby much easier. These usually include gift cards and subscription boxes, which admittedly are neither fun nor aesthetically-pleasing. More than that, though, many elect to stay away from such presents because these don’t really express one’s gratitude and excitement for the couple.

Now, the ideal baby shower gift is something that ticks all the boxes above. They’re items that are simultaneously fun and practical, pretty to look at yet functional, and serve a purpose.
So, what’s the one thing that hits all these requirements? A Diaper Cake, of course!

What is a diaper cake?

In the most basic of terms, Diaper Cakes are inedible multi-tiered cakes that consist of nothing but baby diapers. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, often mirroring the theme of the baby shower. When this is properly done, every single diaper included in the cake is entirely usable. You can personalize it further with any baby items such as onesies, baby lotions, rubber ducks, soft toys, and any other essential items for the baby.

4 Reasons Why Diaper Cake Is a Perfect Gift

They may sound rather odd but there’s no denying that a Diaper Cake makes for the perfect baby shower gift. Here are four reasons why:
1) They are practical and highly appreciated by the parents-to-be
2) They’re original and unique
3) They are easy to make
4) They are fun yet practical

Why are the diaper cakes highly appreciated?

Diaper Cakes are extremely appreciated by new parents as they help them prepare for the baby’s impending arrival by keeping the nursery well-stocked with the essentials. Having a huge supply of diapers is one less headache for the couple.
To add to that, a Diaper Cake will also drastically reduce their expenses. The parents-to-be have likely spent the past couple of months paying for medical appointments and baby things; the next few weeks will only see them spend even more. After all, giving birth in the safety and comfort of a hospital comes with a hefty price tag! However, by giving them a considerable supply of baby diapers, you’ll be ensuring that their bank accounts aren’t drained anytime soon.

What makes diaper cake original and unique?

Diaper Cakes are handmade and a personal touch is added to each and every one you buy or make yourself. This makes it a very original and unique gift. They make for a unique and original gift – something that hasn’t been made before.
Moreover, the practicality of this gift adds to its uniqueness, which will undoubtedly leave a big and positive impression on the recipients. It will definitely stand out from the mountain of conventional presents like baby clothes, toys, and nursery decorations that the new parents are sure to receive.

Diaper cakes are very simple to make.

These amazing looking diaper cakes can come in any shape and forms, but making a basic diaper cake is actually easier than it looks. A simple diaper cake tutorial by Baby Shower Ideas 4U can be seen using just diapers, ribbons, a paper tube, and baking pans.

What you need:

Top Layer: 19 diapers
Bottom layer: 37 diapers
1.5″ Ribbon
Cotton Thread
Paper tube
7″ and 12″ baking pans

Diaper cakes are fun yet practical.

Newborn babies need a ton of diapers, which makes them one of the most essential things that nurseries need. Understandably, though, guests aren’t into the idea of simply putting a bow on a box of Pampers and gifting them to the new parents. For many, this comes across as tacky and just plain weird.

However, Diaper Cakes are the perfect solution to this problem. They blend together fun and practicality, providing a way to gift diapers in a beautiful, memorable, and creative way. You can even incorporate other goodies like sweet treats and bath products to make them even better. Without a doubt, a Diaper Cake is bound to elicit amazement from the couple – and from their guests, as well!

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