Top 5 funny baby shower gift ideas

Parenting should be fun so why not get one of the hilarious baby shower gifts that will make everybody laugh! These embarrassing gifts are great to give a friend with a sense of humor.

1. Mustache Pacifier

hilarious baby shower gift ideas

It turns out that a simple baby pacifier can make you laugh or… astonish. Make sure you buy one of these hilarious dummies for your baby. Funny pacifiers are also a hit among gifts for baby shower.

You can get one here.

2. Baby mop

The onesie that cleans your floors. This baby outfit with mop dreads attached to all the right places, keep your floor dust and dirt free while the baby roams around your floor.

If you think your mom to be friend would get a kick out of this, you can get one here.

3. Funny baby body

Funny baby bodywear

Being a father is an incredibly responsible task. In addition to learning how to hold a baby or put pampers, young dads must learn the secret art of dressing the baby. The task is not so easy: the child has a head, hands and legs! Fortunately, there are such gifts as the body with a practical instruction for Dad. Thanks to him, Young Dad will never try to push his baby’s head into a hole for his hand!

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4. New Parent Survival Kit

It is a must specially for a new dads! Your new born baby is all cute and cuddly…Until it makes that face! and you realize what’s coming! And for sure it’s no apple pie! When moments like these occur simply break out your Parent Survival Kit! Comes equipped with the ever so needed goggles, nose plug (that’s going to come in handy, BIG TIME!) and diaper tongs, which is certainly a must when trying to dispose of the yick factor. So get yourself prepared for changing the baby and get this gem perfect gift.

You can find one on

5. Funny Non stop Baby Crying Greeting Card

This prank baby shower card plays a baby crying for at least three hours straight after you open it! Perfect way to get your friend ready for parenthood ;) The card will only stop playing the crying noises until it either run out of battery or is destroyed. 

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