Creative baby shower gift ideas

Gifts are an indispensable part of any baby shower. Even the name of the event comes from the English word “shower” and means the rain of gifts for the baby that is given to the future mom. Picking out the perfect baby shower gift can be a daunting task. Everyone wants to give the mom-to-be something special, something memorable, or something that she will actually use.

To help make your shopping experience go a little smoother, here are a few creative baby shower gift ideas.

A time capsule wish box

A wish box for a baby and a mum, which is about to be opened only in 18 years. Guests write what they would like to say to the child, and close the cards in the box. Frequent additions are photographs from ultrasound scans and photos of the pregnant tummy from various periods of the pregnancy.

A Personalized Keepsake

Sometimes all you need is a little sentimentality. A personalized keepsake like a monogrammed blanket or embroidered onesie is sure to be treasured forever. They make sweet additions to nurseries and beautiful reminders of how special this moment in life is! If you want your gift to stand out even more, add touches like custom artwork featuring the baby’s name or initials on it.

Add some humour – funny gift baby shower present ideas

Making an expecting women laugh is a wonderful idea and we have a whole post dedicated to a list of hilarious baby shower present ideas. A witty gift will make the event even more unforgettable.

A Subscription Box

A subscription box is an easy way to give a meaningful and thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. There are tons of options available for expecting parents! From clothing and toys tailored to the age and development level of the baby, to boxes full of breastfeeding essentials, there’s a box out there for any type of parent. It’s also a great way to help save time and money as new parents!

Cake made out of diapers

Diaper cakes are a hit at baby shower parties! From nappies, we form three bases of “cake” and set them like a pyramid on a cake. Between the “pieces of cake” we hit the “nuts”: toys, teasers, hairbrushes, teaspoons, socks … A few more decorative hugs and cake ready. 

“Nappies are the most practical gift for young parents. I myself remember how much we consumed them just after childbirth. That’s why, for my friend’s baby shower, I gave her a 60 pampers diaper cake. Apparently, the cake was “eaten up” by her little Olusia in less than a week” – laughs Joanna, mother of two-year Antosia.

Baby shower games are an important part of the event. Give your fears free and serious thoughts about childbirth. Social games, puns, contests, and quizzes will help to relax the atmosphere. The more ridiculous, the better! Here are some examples:

Bracelet of happiness

Guests bring the beads and ornaments to make the bracelet. While putting them on the band, every guest loudly wishes something for the child. Mom can not take off the bracelet until the baby is born. Every time she looks a it, she will think of all the people who accompany her while waiting for the baby.

– After giving birth, I bundled my bracelet into a treasure box where I also put my babie’s plastic band from the hospital, the first hairpin cut of my son Szymus and the outline of his feet, which we did when our son had four days – says Agnieszka.

Painting belly

During the baby shower, your belly can act as an honorable guest to receive special treatment. Adorned with cheerful paintings, oriental designs, colorful handprints, guests will surely be delighted to be featured on commemorative photographs.

Name for the child

With dozens of scattered syllables, guests create unique, funniest names for the child. You can also contest the most beautiful name for your comfort. If you have not yet decided how to name a child, such brainstorming will be a great source of inspiration.

With these fun ideas, the baby shower will be unforgettable for the future mom and guests.


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