Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Gift

Another great idea for a baby shower gift which you can make by yourself. This will be a definite HIT of the baby shower party!

Make a cute motorbike riding DIY sculpture out of a bunch of nappies.

baby shower gift idea made out of diapers

The supplies that you need to make diaper motorcycle:

1. For the tires:

  • A minimum of thirty-four, Size 1 diapers
  • Two rubber bands
  • An 8-inch cake pan
  • Ribbons
  • At least two sewing pins or two-sided tape

2. To connect the wheels and make handlebars:

  • Five receiving blankets
  • At least two sewing pins
  • Something to “tie” the blanket together: Suggestions are another rubber band (covered by ribbon),
  • Two bibs

3. To make a headlight and brake lights:

  • Tree small baby bottles
  • Baby washcloth/burp cloth to wrap around the bottle

4.  Stiffen the handlebars:

  • Two empty toilet paper rolls
  • A pair of socks or booties

5. Make a seat:

  • One bib, extras for decoration

You can use a cake pan to hold the diapers when forming them into a wheel. If you planning to make 3 wheel bikes, take smaller diapers for a smaller front wheel. When you’re happy with the diaper spacing, wrap the rubber band around the outside of the diapers and remove the “tire” from the cake pan. Using one of the sewing pins, pin the ribbon to the diaper.

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The baby bottle is the headlight. Wrap the bottle with a burp cloth. Place the bottle, with the cap side facing the front of the bike, in between the rolled blanket handlebars. You can make the break lights the same way. For the seat, place the bib over the top of the back diaper tire, folded the loose ends of the bib over each other, and tucked them in between the two diaper tires.

Bibs can also be the fenders, receiving blankets are the frame and handles. Ribbon, rubber bands and two-sided tape holds everything together.

In the end place the rider and that’s it!

baby shower party present idea - cute motorbike made of nappies

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