Hilarious baby shower gift idea: Prank Pack Crib Dribbler

Buy this for a baby shower and guaranteed: partner / friends / family / coworkers will be horrified! Of course only until they realized it was a gag. You better take a video / picture of their faces as they first react to this “kind gift”.

Prank Pack Crib Dribbler

You can grab one here!


Every baby wants to be left alone. Their young, developing minds, while constantly processing skills like balance, vision, coordination, and speech, are better served in a quiet, solitary environment. With the KindexTM Crib DribblerTM, baby will have the “alone time” she needs, while you enjoy some quiet time to yourself!

Is the crib dribbler real?


  • Gift box that appears to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies
  • Just pack your real gift inside (if you want), sit back and watch the expressions
  • 6 sides of real graphics and jokes will have everyone passing it around


Prank Pack Crib Dribbler

Yes, it’s JUST A BOX. No actual product included. And, think back to all the other boxes you’ve seen: For sure you’ve never seen a better box in your life! Fact!



What people say who bought the Crib Dribbler for a baby shower?

  • Great prank gift box. The look on the mommy to be’s face was hilarious! Some guest were even fooled! They thought it was actually a REAL thing! Highly recommended
  • Small, Sturdy, and Hilarious. Exactly what was needed to liven up a baby shower. It’s a little bit small inside but I fit a few onesies and some socks in it very comfortably. It was a huge hit and once the recipients realized it was a prank box, they started plotting who would receive it next.
  • GET IT! :) It was a hit at the baby shower had everyone puzzled then cracking up! The box is small though could only get about 20 size one diapers in it.
  • Cool product. Appreciated the advertisement for additional products. The box was a success.

Funny baby Crib Dribbler gift reactions

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