Q&A: Baby gifts etiquette?

Question by : Baby gifts etiquette?
So my sister is having a baby’s shower today. Like usual I was not invite to any of my sister’s special event.

I was never invited to her engagement’s party, wedding, pregnancy announcement, and baby shower. I’m always the one who get left out.

So what should be my price budget on getting my sister’s stuffs for her baby? It will be my first biological niece. I want to spend only $ 40 on her!

I also need a baby’s gift to my cousin. :-) my cousin is like my “real” sister. My cousin is always there for me whenever I needed her. I will get her a baby stroller for her twins :-)

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Answer by Emmi
Just because your sister is rude, doesn’t mean you should be taking it out on your niece. If you treat your niece bad, because of her mum, you are even worse than your sister.

Now, if you weren’t invited to the shower, don’t get her anything. You don’t give gifts if you weren’t invited.

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