Baby shower gift?

Question by Wifey73: Baby shower gift?
I’m attending a baby shower of a friend from highschool, whom I haven’t seen for like 4 years. She’s more like friend of a friend. I’d like to get her something useful, but cheap (I’m thinking $ 25 or less). I was thinking a medical kit may be nice but all the reviews on that stuff say that they never used any of the items except the nasal aspirator and they had gotten that at the hospital anyways. Any suggestions on a useful yet cheap gift?
I forgot to mention that she doesn’t have a registry, so that’s part of the problem too. I’d like to get her something that is ok to have more than one of.

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Answer by Mikey will be here in May!!
Diapers, wipes, and onesies. Three things she can’t ever have enough of. Try to stay away from newborn sizes as that’s what most people will buy and the baby will most likely grow out of them quickly.

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  1. Hoping for pink or blue soon May 10, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Diapers & Wipes she will for sure use.

  2. Clothes are always good and you can find them on sale. Check if she has a registry she probably has some cheaper stuff on there too.

  3. hi there get a diaper bag and fill it with lotion for the baby and shampoo and body wash johnson and johnson had just came out with a night time one that works great good luck hope this info helps

  4. scoobydoo_gurl2004 May 10, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    I think the medical kit is a good idea.. some of that stuff is very useful.. They also have baby grooming kits. There fairly inexpensive at walmart and come with the little nail clippers and stuff like that

  5. Baby moniter or baby bath tub.
    Look on her registry if she has one.
    Baby Frames or baby photo album.
    A gift card to maybe the target photo center. Parents take tons of pictures and it does get expensive.

  6. Diapers and wipes are good as are bath supplies. If you get clothes, don’t get newborn. So many people give that size and they grow out of it sooo fast! Find out if she has a registry. A gift card for a baby store in her area is also good and she can get what she really needs. (Target, Walmart, Toys/Babies’r us)

  7. Pacifiers are pretty cheap- I really like all of the gift packs that you can get (Johnson and Johnson products, grooming kits) or go to Target and buy 3 or 4 baby books- I loved getting books for my shower, they were something that no one really thought of because I couldn’t use them right away. I will also second buying her diapers- she will appreciate it!

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